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Landscape Design in Burlington, Wisconsin

Rustic Road’s Happiest Customers of 2012 raves of the awe-inspiring Burlington landscape design and outstanding overall service of Rustic Road Landscaping. The Burlington landscaping contractors at Rustic Road provided the needed privacy for this Burlington resident as well as delivered a beautiful landscaping design.

Rustic Road’s Happiest Customers of 2012

If you’ve got undesirable neighbors and no privacy Scott Erickson at Rustic Road is the guy to call.  We needed a tree line in the worst possible way so we had 3 different landscaping businesses give us a quote with their ideas for a privacy tree line.  Scott gave us a digital picture of exactly what he had imagined for us and worked within our tight budget, the others only gave us sketches of what they would do. The digital pictures showed exactly how our landscape would look so we knew exactly what we would be getting considering it was a very large investment.  He met us out at his farm and showed us the exact trees he would be using and a description and background on all the trees, how tall they’d grow and how fast and incidentals like that.  He also gave us a watering plan and checks back often to make sure everything is growing as it should.  Scott went out of his way to make sure our privacy measures were met and we now have the most beautiful yard on the south side of Burlington.  I would recommend Scott and his team to anyone in need of landscaping as they are all knowledgeable, pleasant and accommodating professional team I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Julie Schiller & Dennis Webster, Burlington, WI

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Burlington Landscape

Expert Landscape Design in Lauderdale, WI

Rustic Road Landscaping of Burlington, Wisconsin provides amazing, beautiful landscape design and landscape maintenance services for Lauderdale resident. From tree and bush trimming to landscape drainage, Rustic Road Landscaping Burlington landscaping contractors turned this Walworth County landscape design vision into a reality.

Always amazing, always beautiful Walworth County Landscape Design

I have worked with Scott & his guys for over 20 years. They have always done an Outstanding job. They are very hard working men. There is not a job too difficult for Rustic Road Landscaping or a hill too high. If there is a drainage problem, don't worry, Kurt is the best. He will know exactly what to do.  Kurt does a fantastic job with lighting as well. He will light up your yard. Brian, is Scott's foreman.  He maintains the well-polished landscaping contractors that they have. He also has an excellent "eye" when it comes to trimming bushes.  Both Scott & Brian can vision what a yard should look like. Always amazing, always beautiful. Sometimes with boulders, sometimes with flowers & trees.  I have referred Rustic Road to a lot of my friends over the years. Never been disappointed. These guys are the best! You will not be disappointed. 

Leslie M., Lauderdale, Wisconsin, Walworth County

Landscape Design in Milwaukee County

The Rustic Road Burlington landscape contractors helped Milwaukee county resident reclaim their front yard with a beautiful landscape design for the residence to enjoy year round. With a well-planned and professionally executing landscaping design, Rustic Road Landscaping transformed their property as well as the resident’s plans for staying.

Rustic Road Landscape Design Reclaims Milwaukee County Front Yard

Until Scott Erickson of Rustic Road Landscaping paid us a visit, we had given up all hope of reclaiming our front yard and never imagined that we could actually enjoy it. In fact, we had pretty much decided to hide behind the line of evergreens between our home and South 92nd Street. All we wanted was to deal with a patch of weed-choked peonies and day lilies, a job already attempted without success by another landscaper. We had limited hopes and, as we soon discovered, little vision.

Where we saw wasted space, Scott saw the potential for using evergreens as a backdrop for flowering trees. While we wanted to keep our stone wall where it was, Scott saw the possibilities of using the stone to create walls on either side of the drive.

The plan looked great and, after visiting Rustic Road, we were convinced we were on the right path, but we realized the full value of Scott’s company when we met Buck and the crew and saw them in action. Not only was the landscaping design project well-planned and professionally executed, but the landscaping contractors were talented, creative, and passionate about their work. We especially appreciated Buck’s construction of two graceful stone walls and Chris’ attention to the new trees. Okay, it took a little nudging to get us to see the value of additional trees, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

We really appreciate the following landscape design features: the shape and variety of plants in the central area, the comparatively low-maintenance design, the contrast of plants and landscaping materials, and the overall aesthetics. Did I mention low maintenance?

Scott and Rustic Road not only transformed our property, but our plans for staying here. We now consider the wasted space to be welcoming and inviting, an integral part of our property and the neighborhood. And we look forward to years of snow cover and ice, the opening of first buds and blossoms, and growth. We are truly pleased to be part of the Rustic Road family.

Patricia L., Milwaukee County 

Landscape Design in East Troy, Wisconsin, Walworth County

High Five Landscape Design!

The RRL team exhibits a spirited dedication, a remarkably all-consuming passion really, that radiates throughout their landscape work, from inception through culmination of your project.  The RRL team arrived, took my vision, did their homework, and brought back an innovative enthusiastic thorough detailed plan. They labored always with an open mind, however, to accommodate any stumbling blocks encountered along the way, and consistently solved them in ways that led to ever more creative topographical particulars. RRL hires master subcontractors, and extraordinarily hardworking skilled and caring employees, who never strayed from their task at hand, whether it was 102 degrees or 30. 

So, I am just saying:  major HIGH FIVES to you all. Thank you, thank you Scott Kurt Buck Tommy Keith John CP Matt Brian............!

R.F.F., East Troy, Wisconsin, Walworth County

Landscape Design in Racine County

25+ Year Landscape Design Relationship!

It takes planning with professional guidance to create the landscaping around your home.  It is a reflection of your personality and how your family lives.  Scott Erickson and his staff are well trained with many years of experience to create outstanding results, using up-to-date trends and outstanding plants and materials. Our yard is a true testimony of our 25+ year relationship.  Rustic Road crews are polite and professional hard-working individuals, with the tools to make projects fun and dreams come true.

Jean J., Racine County

Rustic Road Gardens Burlington, WI

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